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Our Journey Celebrates


of service within the Graphic Print Industry.

We have offered solutions to expand business by quickly creating good will which is
recognized at a quality price by the Advertiser and as a quality service by the Consumer.

1871 -Fourteen year old C.B. Goes I, founder arrives in Chicago from Vincennes, IN obtains job
with Chicago Herald as typographer. Saves ledgers and manuscript copy books with other employees
by loading up horse drawn delivery wagons and escaping the Chicago fire, continues work in print
discovers lithographic process and wants to learn the trade.
1876 -Completes litho apprenticeship in Milwaukee, WI printing labels and returns to Chicago for
duration of his career.
1879 -Goes & Quensel a partnership is organized. Charles B. Goes became the founding President.
Leases space and access to power generated by steam line shafts from Rand McNally as an independent
captive job shop as many other firms do. Rand operates as a broker for printers with salesmen on street
and throughout the country.
1881 - Lithographer to the trade, images with logo shipped throughout the county for letterheads,
envelopes, invoices and checks; Providing quality and service, which laid the foundation for the Trade’s
acceptance of the Stock Lines created through the ensuing years. Rented space in printing district on
Monroe St. and Adams St. Printed posters in 9 colors for national accounts through Rand & McNally
brokerage arrangement through 1904.
1884 -The first Stock Certificate Blanks were published. This becomes the foundation for all of the
present Goes Stock Lines sold to printers, stationers and office suppliers. Advertises in what is now
American Printer magazine - Oldest advertiser still printing and family operated.
1885 -Generic full color labels offered as a stock line through catalog, customers could order their black
imprint placed on label.
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